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Jonathan Stein

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Route 9, Hadley, MA 01035



Jonathan Stein, MA, RDT, CTP

(617) 762-5096   


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  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Anxiety
  • Coping Skills
  • Depression
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Grief
  • Life Transitions
  • Men's Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Esteem & Inner Critic Work
  • Spirituality & Existential Issues

For over two decaades, I have been working with individuals who are committed to moving through their pain and confusion to meet the many challenges of modern day life with courage, confidence, resilience and heart.  I help my clients become the champions of their own healing and personal transformation by supporting them in the development of inner resources leading to deep trust in themselves, confidence to move through their hard times, and a life filled with joy and meaing.  Learn more about me here:

I received my Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA in 1995, and have earned two subsequent post graduate certifications in transpersonal psychotherapy and creative arts therapieshave completed extensive academic and professional training in his field and has developed an eclectic style that is informed largely by an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. Using holistic, transpersonal, body-centered, peer oriented, and self-help approaches, I have been helping people heal and transform their lives for over 25 years.  Visit my full web site at for lots more information.

My work is informed by:

  • Transpersonal psychotherapy  – A holistic form of therapy that recognizes body, mind, emotions and spirit.

  • Focusing – A mindfulness approach for moving through life challenges, originally developed by Eugene Gendlin.

  • Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) – Parts work.

  • Body-mind integration – guidance to bring consciousness into the body.

  • Meditation and mindfulness – From Sufism, Buddhism, Eco-psychology, and Waking Down in Mutuality.

  • Therapeutic breathwork – Breathing practices designed to bring about changes in thinking and emotions.

  • Creative visualization – Drawing on the power of the imagination for healing, envisioning, and creating.

  • Creative arts therapy – Non-performance-based art, dance & theater practices for personal transformation.

  • Spiritual Direction –  guidance to help shift identification from separateness to interconnection with all life.

  • Ecopsychology – an emerging field that weaves together ecological, psychological, political and spiritual principles.

  • Non Violent Communication (NVC) – Based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg.

  • Co-Counseling – a model of peer counseling to free oneself from the effects of past distress experiences.

Teachers, Mentors, Inspirations: Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D., Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., Joanna Macy, Ph.D., Francis Weller, MFT, Matt Licata, Ph.D. (And others...)


Areas of Specialty: 

Compassionate holistic, body-centered psychotherapy since 1995. More details herein.


Insurance Accepted: 

Insurance Not Accepted